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The Concrete Chefs Head North the Border to Wine and Dine

Each year at the PCI Foundation Silent Auction one of the most popular items is the “Concrete Chefs” dinner. The chefs (Chuck Magnesio and Jim Voss of JVI) come to your chosen location and  consult with the winner on the menu. They shop for the finest ingredients, select a highly rated and rare wines for each course, and provide fine service. The chefs expertly prepare and elegantly serve the meal. The most recent dinner took place in Windsor, Onatario at the home of Leslie and Don Little. “It was a great time and the boys did a wonderful job,” says Don Little. “I think this is an excellent way to raise funds for the Foundation and would highly recommend it to others. Hats off to Jim and Chuck for their support and enthusiasm with this initiative.” 

The guests at the dinner were (l to r) Barb Primeau, Randy Primeau, Michelle Phillips, Paul Phillips, Loris Collavino, Kim Collavino, Leslie Little, and Don Little. Concrete Chefs Chuck Magnesio and Jim Voss are in front. 

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