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Team Tindall takes People's Choice for 2022 Project Precast

The students on Team Tindall designed a safe room for Daniel Young elementary school that focused on responding to the existing vernacular of the already existing structures. Vertical repetition in the precast panels showcased similar forms found in the façade of the current elementary’s main entrance. Aggregate and concrete colors were chosen to pull out colors of both the mixed brick façade and grouting work seen in the building. UHPC concrete was also used to create a wave-like threshold for younger students to walk through upon their drop off at school. Each detail was added to enhance the experience for younger children, including a WOW factor using glow-in-the-dark aggregates in the school’s dolphin logo. Glowing particles are exposed through sand blasting to allow for a whimsical lighted effect for students living in and around the neighborhood.

The design also focused on public and private spaces, as well as creating an added flex space for the elementary school to be used by the after-school program or other organizations. The safe room architecture was kept simple to erect an elegant façade that suits its intended purpose. The adjacent structures were also kept at one-story elevations to avoid collapsing on the safe room roof. Ease of circulation and egress was also essential, accounting for hazardous and stressful conditions, helping to make transitions through each space quick and easily identifiable.

Students on the team were Khalil Santana New Jersey Institute of Technology, Mahesh Acharya from Idaho State University , and Ty Garner from University of Colorado Denver.

Check out the video below for more details.


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