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Team Metromont's Winning Project in Short Video

Project Precast 2022 Team Metromont

Josh Shade, Emily Rupright, and Alexander Fairley

The architectural design of the Multi-Purpose Room and FEMA Tornado Shelter at Danial Young Elementary School is focused on smoothly transitioning from the existing school building constructed of red brick, to a precast new addition building. Additionally, the form of the building with one wall at an angle allows for a clear entrance procession, leading students towards the building. There is also a courtyard between the two buildings for students to wait for pick up and hang out in.

To start the design process, we calculated loading based on IBC-2018 adopted by Missouri that references ASCE 7-16 as well as ICC-500 for FEMA shelter requirements. From the requirements for load calculations, the Seismic Site class was considered site class B, snow loads were designed with a flat roof system, and wind loads were calculated in conjunction with ICC-500. The wind loads were found to be the controlling case and used in the design of our structure. Using the 8th edition of the PCI Design Handbook, Double Tee’s, Wall Panel’s, and Flat slabs were chosen to support the calculated design loading. To resist uplift, threaded bar couplers from NVent, will connect with the four-inch topping. Four of these connections will be provided in each ten-foot wall panel. To support the double Tees, a Rapid-Lok Steel Corbel will be provided by Leviat. To withstand the uplift force in the wall panels, a angle plates will be welded to the foundation. As required from ICC-500, walls and double tee joints will be a half-inch to meet the required three-quarter inch maximum joint.

In the construction process, the scheduling was made to accommodate the school schedule. The foundation will start right after class ends this year and the precast building will be complete by the end of July, allowing for school to resume while remaining exterior and interior to continue into the school year. For the estimating, the estimate was a rough estimate was made with data from previous projects and includes a breakdown of the material and labor prices for each of the main. For the concrete, we went with an orange dyed with white cement utilizing admixtures and dyes from Sika. For the onsite management, we went with a crawler crane that utilizes the street to pick up deliveries and erect the building from the existing side towards the parking lot.

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