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Taking Stock: The Leadership Circle

As students go back to school and several of the PCI Foundation programs start up again, it feels like a great time to take stock of what the PCI Foundation has accomplished. 

To date, we have had many successful programs. Since the foundation began in 2001 we have,

  • Supported 11 educational projects at schools of architecture, engineering and construction management

  • Assisted two other programs sponsored by PCI members

  • Provided scholarships to industry members and their families, and

  • Created a program for architecture professors to learn how to teach precast topics.

And for all of this work, we have the donors to thank. There have been 107 individual donors and 126 corporate donors who have provided the funding for our programs. The unwavering commitment of individuals and support from corporate donors for the PCI Foundation has helped take us from a start up Foundation with only a few programs to a vibrant organization with a bright future. 

Some of the most committed donors have stepped up from the beginning to help the PCIF become exceptional.  We are grateful for their generosity and feel it is important to recognize supporters who are essential to the foundation’s success. To that end, we have singled out a “Leadership Circle” to recognize the cumulative giving of the select few who have carried the largest share of the PCI Foundation through it’s small beginnings to our current robust programs. 

We offer our thanks to these donors who have made it a personal or corporate commitment to help see our programs succeed through their unwavering support.

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