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Seven Universities Awarded Curriculum Grants in 2022

Precast Studio Programs Now Include 43 Universities in North America

The program, known as Studio Nation, now includes 43 universities in the United States and Canada and creates a network of professors who lead architecture, engineering and construction management programs as well as precast producers, industry leaders and the Foundation’s leadership who share knowledge, teaching techniques and trends.

Each year the PCI Foundation Board of Trustees awards curriculum development grants to universities who submit applications and pass a rigorous review process for acceptance.

For 2022, four new universities were chosen to establish new Precast Studios in their curriculum, and three universities were chosen for grant extensions, a total of seven.

Universities chosen in 2022 include:

Brigham Young University

California State Polytechnic University

North Carolina State University

Sacramento State University

University of Hawai’i Manoa

University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Pennsylvania

“The PCI Foundation’s mission is to put precast concrete in the classroom so future architects, engineers and construction managers are aware of the possibilities of precast concrete and its myriad uses,” said Marty McIntyre, Executive Director of the Chicago-based PCI Foundation. “Key components to each of the grants we award include industry partnership, new precast curriculum and innovative experiential learning.”


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