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Students Create Video Posters Representing 2021 Precast Studios

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Because the PCI Foundation was unable to sponsor in-person posters at the PCI 2021 Convention, we are sponsoring an optional video poster session competition between all relevant 2020-2021 academic year academic programs. Three student groups entered the competition with three distinctly different videos highlighting the programs at their school.

The PCI Foundation will be awarding a cash prize to all the students who participated in the making of these videos. Thank you for showing off your school's program.

CalPoly Pomona: Alex Schmitzberger, Professor

Architecture students at CalPoly Pomona spent the semester using precast concrete to explore how to use design unique tsunami towers on the west coast of the United States.


California State University Sacramento: Eric Matsumoto, Professor

Engineering and Construction Management Students show off the field trips, student clubs, and academic work that was included in the SacState Precast Studio.


Idaho State University: Mustafa Mashal, Professor

Students at Idaho State work in the laboratory and learn about precast concrete from members of PCI and NPCA in the first jointly-sponsored studio.


University of Wisconsin, Alex Timmer, Professor

Students at the University of Wisconsin work weekly with the engineers at Spancrete / Wells Concrete to devise a design for their project as part of the precast studio in the school of architecture.


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