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Student Profile: Nicole Branola, Clemson University and LS3P Associates Ltd.

Nicole Bronola leveraged her work as part of the PCI Foundation Precast Studio at Clemson University to start working for LS3P in Greenville, South Carolina as an intern in their Neal Prince Studio. Nicole's senior final project received the top Honor Award from Clemson University School of Architecture. Nicole was among the Clemson Students who displayed their work during the 2016 PCI Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

How did you get your current position?

I participated in a 4th year undergraduate architecture studio course dedicated to precast concrete, where local architecture firms, and engineers interacted with the students throughout the project course. Through this, I was able to add the precast project into my portfolio, and was introduced to the  LS3P architecture firm in Greenville, where I later interviewed for the position.

What surprised you about precast concrete when you first started learning about it?

I was fascinated by the many methods and uses of precast, as well as its efficiency.