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Social Media Ambassador

Starting in the fall of 2020, the PCI Foundation will be looking for one student from each university we support to be the PCI Foundation Brand Ambassador. The Brand Ambassador position helps to facilitate the online presence of the PCI Foundation by documenting the work of the students and professors in the precast program at the school. Using social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, the Ambassador serves as an online representative of the PCI Foundation and its services, programs, and events.

A successful candidate, will be involved in increasing awareness of the work of the PCI Foundation by promoting plant tours, student projects, guest speakers, important lectures, jobsite tours, student travel to the PCI Convention and other activities of your local school program. You will work closely with our marketing team to achieve goals and objectives, such as communicating the value of our programs to potential donors, tracking student feedback, and representing PCI Foundation at your school.

For a full job description, visit the Brand Ambassador / Social Media Ambassador page.

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