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Project Precast Adds Students and Excitement in Columbus

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Twenty-five students, fifteen mentors, and an audience of precasters will make this a stand-out year for Project Precast.

This year's Project Precast will have students competing in teams of 4 instead of teams of 3 this year - and will allow students a little more time to work on the project being assigned to them. Also new this year is the involvement of a Columbus area "client" who will work with the students to share their needs for a structure that will be perfect in precast.

Like always, the students will have an opportunity to work with precast mentors from PCI members who can guide their process and help them understand the product. They also will have the opportunity to walk the show floor and look for products that will add to their precast design.

The students will present their final project at 2 pm on Friday in the Convention Center. Other students will have posters available on the trade show floor.

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