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Personal Interactions & Technology Bring Two Universities Together for New Precast Studio

A new precast studio will take place on two campuses, sponsored by two Foundations (the PCI Foundation and the NPCA Foundation), and two regional associations. Coordinating all the partners will bring the students a rich precast experience, bringing in a wide range of mentors and partners for a number of classes being taught at both schools. Leading the program will be Mohammed Albahttiti of Chico State's Concrete Industry Management program, Hayder Rasheed of Kansas State's Department of Civil Engineering and Kimberly Kramer Kansas State's Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science.

"We're planning on having a cross campus course interaction between the students through chat rooms, through discussion boards and through Zoom meetings," says Rasheed. "We are also planning on having cross campus project teams. So some people will team up from between California and Kansas. And then we want to have interactions with industry throughout the courses, be it for the sake of the project implementation or for the sake of learning the material."

Learn more about the program below.


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