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PCIF Professors Seminar - January 2015

Here are a few pictures from the highly successful PCI Professors Seminar that took place at the University of North Carolina Charlotte and at the Metromont Charlotte Plant in early January 2015. Twelve professors from nine schools spent three days learning about how to teach precast concrete as well as learning about resources that the precast industry has available to aid them. 

Brett Tempest and Thomas Gentry of UNC Charlotte share their experiences working with a PCIF funded precast studio. 

Professor Chris Jarrett, Director of the School of Architecture, gave a tour of the school to the attendees. 

Metromont hosted the professors group for a plant tour. Following the tour, the seminar attendees visited the offices of the architect and the construction site where pieces being fabricated in the plant were going up. 

Tony Smith of Metromont (right) answers questions from Dustin Albright of Clemson University during the plant tour portion of the program. 

Jim Williams, Director of Metropolis Studio for LS3P Architects in Charlotte gave the attendees some insight on how precast concrete worked for the Capitol Towers project in Charlotte, NC. 

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