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PCI Illinois Wisconsin Honors Jim Voss with Donation to PCIF

During the PCI of Illinois & Wisconsin meeting on July 30, Jim Voss, president of JVI and founder of the PCI Foundation gave an impassioned talk about the importance of reaching out early to influence those who choose building systems. He remindedthe members to make donations to the PCI Foundation in order to help us reach the architects, engineers and construction managers who will be making big decisions in a few years. He stressed that getting into firms to talk about precast is too late -- we need to reach the influencers while they are first being educated. 

Voss, who has been active in PCI-IW for many years and who has hosted an party for the group for more than 20 years, got a nice surprise at the end of his plea. PCI-IW president Hagen Harker of Mid-States Concrete Industries presented Voss a check for $5000 to PCIF. Members of PCI-IW wanted to thank Jim for his dedication to the group and his excelent skill as a host for many years as well as show their commitment to the PCI Foundation.

The first PCI Foundation studio took place at Illinois Institute of Technology starting in 2007. Members of PCI-IW were instrumental in making the program a success by offering support to the students and interacting regularly with them through critques, plant tours, lectures, and architectural tours of Chicago. 

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