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PCI Foundation Sets Sights on Student Memberships


The Foundation is doing our best to use the PCI free student membership to gather names

and information from students. I have postcards available that speakers can bring to the classroom that make it easy to sign up for membership. Once I get those, the student will receive a PCI Foundation “Swag Bag” that includes a PCI Foundation hard hat and some goodies from other PCI members.

Let me know if you need any postcards to distribute to students. Or have them sign up online here.


When you visit a PCI Foundation program or have a group tour your yard, please have personalized stickers available for students to use on their hard hats. We hope that the stickers and hard hats will serve as a reminder of who helped the student along the way so that when they are in the work world they can get in touch with you again. 


From the list of student members, we also hope to appoint Studio Social Media Ambassadors. This social media ambassador will receive $25 a week to post about his or her experiences in the sponsored program on social media, and tag them with the PCI Foundation and “#learnprecast”. The ambassador will also send photos to the PCI Foundation. Each University’s stuffed “Petey the Precast Platypus” will be kept by the student ambassador.


PCI Foundation recently introduced a new mascot, Petey the Precast Platypus. Petey (for Peter F.) and a platypus because there is a lot you don’t know about the platypus. Like, did you know that platypus don’t have teeth, but they use rocks to chew up their food?


The Foundation is encouraging students to form PCI Student Chapters to host plant tours, precast discussions, job fairs, and other student events.

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