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PCI Foundation Plans Activities for Everyone at PCI Convention

The PCI Foundation has a full slate of activities planned for the PCI Convention March 3-7 in Fort Worth, Texas.


For the second year, the Foundation is bringing back Project Precast, the design competition designed for 15 students to compete in an integrated design competition over 2 days. If you are a student studying architecture, engineering or construction management, you can learn more about applying for this program here.

Also planned this year is an poster session in the Higher Ed "Quad" where students can show their work in the PCI Foundation programs and the research that goes along with it. Additionally, students will have a chance to meet up in this area and sign up to participate in an Instagram scavenger hunt, with great prizes to be awarded on Friday right before the the Project Precast winners are announced. The Quad and poster sessions will be open Thursday and Friday March 5-6.

Once the prizes are presented, students are invited to visit Fort Worth's bar and grill "The Library" for a light dinner and student mixer to meet and greet students studying precast/prestressed concrete from all over the US. What better way to research possible graduate programs than to hear it from someone who is studying there?


Come meet other professors and hear how they are teaching precast concrete during the PCI Foundation "round table." This session is open to everyone interested in expanding and improving precast/prestressed concrete education and has served as a remarkable listening session for the industry to learn more about the educator and student needs. The round table takes place Friday March 6.

And for those interested in learning more about what is happening at PCI Foundation sponsored programs, please come to the education session on Saturday March 7 to hear from professors who are using PCI's curriculum development grants to expand students knowledge about precast/prestressed concrete.


For those wanting to help raise some funds for the PCI Foundation, our favorite, "After Dark" will take place on Thursday, March 3.

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