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PCI Foundation Names New Trustees

The PCI Foundation has named two new members to its board of trustees. Peter Finsen and Glen Switzer will join the board of Trustees beginning in January 2016. The PCI Foundation is a not-for-profit education and scientific association whose mission is to foster educational and research initiatives focused on innovative approaches to the integrated and sustainable use of precast concrete design, fabrication, and construction. The Foundation works in conjunction with the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI). 

Peter Finsen is the executive director and CEO of Georgia/Carolinas PCI in Atlanta, GA. He has been active in the PCI organization since 2001 and was named a PCI Fellow in 2014. Over the last few years, Peter has been instrumental in creating and nurturing two PCI Foundation programs at University of North Carolina Charlotte and Clemson University. Peter has served as the regional director liaison to the PCI Foundation Board of Trustees and will continue in that role. Finsen previouly served on the PCI Board of Directors and chaired the regional council. He currently serves on the regional council, student education continuing education and several marketing committees at PCI.

Glen Switzer is the Sales and Marketing manager at Dura-Stress, Inc. in Leesburg, Florida. He was in the second class of the Leadership PCI program and has served as a chairman and committee member of that program for many years. Additionally is active on the PCI Student Education and Continuing Education committies and is currently the vice chairman of the PCI Educational Activities Council. He is a member of the PCI Board of Trustees as a Zone 6 representative. Switzer has been active with the PCI Foundation in the fundraising arena, serving on the Silent Auction Committee. 

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