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PCI Foundation Hosts Students and Professors at PCI Convention

Thirty students and 12 professors attended the PCI Convention as part of their PCI Foundation education programs and studios. Most of the students were there to take part in the poster session that happened on the convention floor on Friday March 3.  Students had the opportunity to share projects that they completed during the program with conference attendees and other schools.

In addition to showing their work, the student take time during the program to visit the education sessions and the trade show floor. “It was fascinating,” says Anna Huen, a student from the University of Colorado at Denver. “There is so much about precast that we still have yet to learn. There are so many more aspects of it that are architectural that I think the show has really opened our eyes to. It has been an awesome experience.”

Poster session projects displayed by PCI Foundation students included:

  • A town square in Volga, South Dakota

  • A visitors center for Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs by University of Colorado at Denver

  • A precast concrete floor system by students at Rhode Island School of Design

  • A Solar Decathlon entry for the 2017 competition by Washington University in St. Louis

  • Digital Fabrication projects from University of Michigan

  • An embassy project from Clemson University

  • Converting a precast parking deck to other uses from University of Washington

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