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PCI Foundation Board of Trustees Chooses Partner of the Year and Community Engagement Award Winners

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

CHICAGO March 8, 2022 --- Recognizing the importance of industry partners and community engagement, the PCI Foundation’s board of trustees has selected two award recipients who exemplify the titles of Partner of the Year and Community Engagement Award.

Chosen as the 2021 Partner of the Year is Paul Kourajian, Director of Research & Development at Molin Concrete. Paul is recognized an individual who has shown exemplary leadership and is dedicated to the educational mission of the Foundation.

The second award is for Community Engagement and recognizes a professor who has worked with their local community to engage students in a collaborative precast concrete project.

The 2021 award winner is Eric Matsumoto, PhD, P.E. professor of Civil Engineering, who leads the Sacramento State Precast Bridge Studio.

Both awards were announced at the annual PCI Convention held March 3rd in Kansas City, Mo.



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