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New Sustainable Donor Program Launched

The PCI Foundation launched a new program this summer that allows donors to make regular contributions automatically through their credit card or checking account. The program will allow donors who want to make regular contributions to the PCI Foundation over time to do so regularly without the need to write a check each month or quarter. 

The PCI  Foundation is funded strictly through donations, so the sustainable donor program will play an important role in ensuring the programs we fund can be planned over time. Knowing that we can depend on a certain amount of funding through sustainable gifts each year will allow us to plan accordingly. Those who join the sustainable donor program will receive an annual statement for tax purposes as well as limited mailings throughout the year. Credit information is held securely using encrypted data. 

Donors may choose their own donation amount - giving at a level that feels comfortable and meaningful to them. To authorize sustainable payments to begin, please fill out a form available on our sustainable donation page. If you have any questions, please call or email Marty McIntyre: or (708) 386-3715. 

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