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More schools than ever before

The PCI Foundation reach is expanding.

During the Spring 2014 semester, the PCI Foundation will have educational projects and precast studios at a total of six schools:

  • University of Northern Florida (School of Engineering)

  • South Dakota State University (School of Architecture and Construction Management)

  • Rhode Island School of Design (School of Architecture)

  • University of Texas at Arlington, and (School of Architecture)

  • University of Southern California (School of Architecture)

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology (School of Architecture)

Each of these programs offer students a unique opportunity to learn about precast concrete design within the context of their own unique education. Each of these programs also have a local industry sponsor (precast plant, regional group or both) that allows the students to work directly with the precast industry. At some schools, the students will deliver laboratory work, create a foundation for research and prepare for PCI competitions such as the Big Beam. In other schools, the end result will be an actual precast program that students will both design and build.

The PCI Foundation has been sponsoring school programs since 2007. There have been a total of nine schools that have embraced precast education as part of the curriculum. To learn more about the schools and programs, visit the "Programs & Partnerships" button on the PCI Foundation website.

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