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Mississippi State University

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Students enhance historic area with precast design

The precast studio at Mississippi State University is the collaborative work of the architectural and construction aspects of precast concrete for the design of a building addition to the historic Cadence Building in downtown Starkville, MS. The student project was to design a parking garage with street-level retail spaces that enhance the walkability and retail options in downtown Starkville.

Students were given the challenge of using a precast structural system and architectural cladding system that would enhance the downtown area and integrate into the existing historic building. Working in teams of 4-5 students, composed of 2 or 3 architecture students and 1 or 2 Building Construction Science students, the students focused on installation challenges presented by a downtown area, along with project budgeting and scheduling.

Unique Program Aspects

  • Online critiques from local architects coordinated through the Mississippi AIA with CEU HSW credits offered. This is the first Precast Studio to work in coordination with a local State AIA Chapter.

  • In-person final presentations with PCI Gulf South, Jackson Precast, Tindall Precast, and local architect Duvall Decker Architects

  • Students learned construction budget estimating and scheduling

  • This is the first studio to combine architecture and building construction science students


Lead Professor

Alexis Gregory, AIA

Associate Professor - Architecture

Briar Jones, AIA

Instructor - Building Construction Science

Ryan Ashford, AIA

Instructor - Architecture

Hans Herrmann, AIA

Associate Professor – Architecture

Moshen Garshasby, PhD

Assistant Professor - Building Construction Science

Industry Partners

Duvall Decker Architects

PCI Gulf South Dan Eckenrode

Jackson Precast Matt DeVoss

Mississippi Chapter AIA

Tindall Precast Andy Westfall

US Formliner Layne Chastain

Student Statistics

  • A total of 199 students from 3 classes took part in the various parts of the Precast programs at Mississippi State during 2020-2021

  • ARC 3713 Assemblages – 44 students (all ARC students)

  • ARC 3914/BCS 3914 Structures II – 89 students (40 ARC students, 49 BCS students)

  • ARC 3546 Architectural Design III-B/BCS 3126 Building Construction Studio IV – 66 students (39 ARC students, 27 BCS students)

  • Students made and tossed concrete disks as part of their studies.


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