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Meet Petey, The PCI Foundation Mascot

This summer, the PCI Foundation added a new element to our program. Meet Petey the Precast Platypus, the PCI Foundation Mascot. Petey is part of the PCI Foundation's new program to help us connect directly with student taking part in the PCI Foundation programs where we have programs running.

Since our studios started, we have encouraged students to sign up as PCI student members for free, with varied results. Starting this fall, we will be trying some new programs to encourage more student memberships, and have students post about their experiences to social media.

Students will be given a post card application to become student members of PCI (a free membership). Those who apply will not only receive the student membership, but will also receive a PCI Foundation "Swag Bag" that includes a PCI Foundation hard hat and other precast industry goodies from participating PCI Foundation donors. The PCI Foundation is seeking small product samples, hats, pens, t-shirts, bags, and other giveaways to include in the student swag bags.

Students may also apply on the application to become the PCI Foundation social media ambassador for their school. The student who becomes the ambassador will receive a $25 a week stipend and a stuffed Petey in exchange to keeping a social media "diary" of the work of the studio, with photos, videos, blogs and project information.

Keeping track of the students who take part in the PCI Foundation programs has always been one of the biggest challenges of the precast studio program. We hope that the introduction of Petey - along with the "swag bag" and the student social media ambassador the job will be easier.

Of course, the question remains - why a platypus? The platypus is one of the most unusual and interesting animals on the face of the earth, with so many interesting facts and strange habits that no matter how much you think you know about it - you probably still have more to learn. The platypus is nature's way of telling us to keep learning because there is always more that you don't know. Secondly, name begins with a "P" ... so there is the whole alliteration with precast. And finally, we didn't have to worry about accidentally choosing the mascot of one of the schools we support and accidentally seeming to support one more than another.

To donate items to be sent out in the Swag Bag, please contact Marty McIntyre at (708) 997-7465 or email

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