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Many Join the PCI Foundation Team at Committee Days

PCI Foundation Trustees Todd Adams and Jim Voss of JVI and Marianne Methven of Hamilton Form coordinated the most successful donor campaign for individual donors in the history of the PCI Foundation. Working together they created a very successful campaign to increase the number of sustaining (automatic) donors. Prior to this program, the PCI Foundation had only a small number of sustaining donor.

The team wanted to appeal not only to companies in the precast industry, but also engage the people who work for those groups. “A few years ago at a regional meeting, Jim Voss reminded all of us that we owe our living to the success of this industry,” says Todd Adams. “And when I started thinking about it that way, it became more important for me to give back to the industry that has been so generous to me and my family. That is why I loved the idea of setting up a team of donors who would capture something of what it means to be part of the precast industry.”