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Konoske and Methven named Trustee Emeritus

The PCI Foundation has named two former trustees, Robert Konoske and Marianne (Methven) Justus as Trustee Emeritus. This title may only be bestowed as a mark of honor and distinction, to a retired foundation trustee who have provided exemplary service to the PCI Foundation. In order to be considered for Trustee Emeritus, a nominee must be retired from the PCI Foundation Board of Trustees for a minimum of six months and have a history of outstanding personal contributions and exemplary service to the PCI Foundation, its mission of precast concrete educational programs, and the precast industry. A Trustee Emeritus is someone who is dedicated to the PCI Foundation and has helped advanced its mission through his or her commitment, spirit and leadership.


The PCI Foundation acknowledged Marianne Methven, retired from Hamilton Form, for her remarkable dedication to both the PCI Foundation and the precast industry.  Methven played a pivotal role in the resounding success of the inaugural PCI Foundation silent auctions, using her unwavering persistence, creativity, and her keen sense of enjoyment to transform them into a prosperous fundraising venture that continued to thrive for several years. Methven consistently exhibited her dedication to the PCI Foundation, actively promoting its mission through her steadfast commitment, indomitable spirit, and exceptional leadership as a Trustee for nine years, while also generously contributing as a donor and volunteering her time.


Bob Konoske, retired from Coreslab CALIF, played a pivotal role in ensuring the resounding success of the inaugural fundraising campaign of the PCI Foundation. He personally undertook visits to PCI members to secure long-term pledges, thereby laying a strong groundwork for the foundation's financial stability. Konoske's resolute dedication and dynamic leadership as a Trustee for more than 11 years significantly advanced the mission of the PCI Foundation, leaving an indelible mark on the organization's growth and impact. Konoske's visionary efforts were instrumental in the development of some of the earliest Precast Studios in collaboration with schools in California and the PCI West, resulting in some of the most successful and long-lasting Precast Studios in the history of the PCI Foundation.

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