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Kennesaw State University Takes Field Trip to NYC; A First For This Studio

September 8-10, 2021, 5-year architecture students from Kennesaw State University, led by Assistant Professor Giovanni Loreto, took their first field trip to NYC as part of the PCI Foundation Studio.

Thanks to the support of Ray Clark (Executive Director, Georgia/Carolinas PCI) and Doug Flory (Director of Architectural Systems at Gate Precast), the studio visited several prominent buildings in NYC that advanced the use of precast concrete (Mulberry House, the Bryant, Nordstrom’s flagship store at 5 Columbus Circle, One South First in Brooklyn, Little Island). For their final projects, students will investigate the use of precast in tall vertical structures.

According to Professor Loreto, "This was an exciting opportunity for our architecture students at KSU to study and understand the incredible potential when designing with precast systems. The PCI Foundation made this possible and Gate Precast provided us with all the information needed in order to fully understand the complexity of the system involved in design"


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