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Innovative Precast/Prestressed Concrete Competition

PCI Foundation’s Project Precast 2020 Brings University Students From Across The United States To Fort Worth

An innovative precast concrete design competition is bringing 16 university students to Dallas/Fort Worth next month to compete in Project Precast 2020, sponsored by the PCI Foundation.

The competition known as Project Precast, solicited applications from engineering, construction management and architecture students from across the country. Sixteen students, which includes one alternate, were chosen. Five teams of 3 students, one from each discipline will have just 48 hours to design and present a not yet disclosed structure. The structure will be indicative of Texas, just like last year’s horse barn was emblematic of the convention’s location in Louisville, Kentucky.

The winning team, chosen by a panel of expert and celebrity judges, will win a cash prize of $3000; $1000 per student.

The competition will be held March 4 through 6 during the PCI Convention to be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Clemson University: Aaron Cordle, Architecture

Colorado State University: Tanmay Vashishta, Construction Management

Florida International University: Isabella Zapata Vivas, Engineering

Idaho State: Mahesh Mahat, Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology: Mohammed Hassan, Construction Management

North Carolina State University: Sarveswaran Ganapathy, Architecture

Sacramento State University: Ivan Sanchez, Construction Management; James P. Taylor, Engineering; Lev Darney, Engineering

University of Alabama: Daniel Valentim, Engineering

University of Arizona: Joseph Moya, Engineering

University of Southern California: Jesse Lopez, Architecture; Jeffery Cheung, Architecture

Washington University in St. Louis: Hanui Yu, Architecture; Courtney Prentiss, Architecture/Construction Management; Patrick Murray, Architecture/Construction Management

ABOUT THE PCI FOUNDATION - Since 2001, the PCI Foundation has been the educational entity that supports the Precast/Prestressed Concrete industry. The mission of the PCI Foundation is to foster educational and research initiatives focused on innovative approaches to the integrated and sustainable use of precast concrete design, fabrication, and construction. It is a charitable 501(c) 3 corporation, based in Chicago, which supports the inclusion of precast concrete programs at accredited colleges and universities. To learn more, visit the PCI Foundation website at

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