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Georgia Tech Students Bring Musicality to Precast

The School of Architecture at Georgia Tech has a focus on the relationship between research, teaching, and practice. While the design faculty is diverse it has an emphasis on transforming the relationship between conceptual design and real world construction via advanced technologies and material systems. Its curriculum development grant from the PCI Foundation will support teaching and research in the School of Architecture for a period of four years to support innovation on the leading edge of precast concrete; and to promote fundamental design knowledge and competence for graduates entering the AEC industry. The program began in the fall, 2017.

Each year, the fall semester is a jointly taught architectural design studio in the third year of the graduate program, with additional student participation from our Master of Science program in Digital Design and Fabrication. The studio is taught by Professor Tristan Al-Haddad and Professor Russell Gentry serves as the primary engineering consultant within the studio. Industry partners from Georgia/Carolinas PCI, Metromont Precast, Tindall Precast, Gate Precast and US Formliners.