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Georgia Tech

Students build project in Piedmont Park

Students at Georgia Tech will take on designing and building a small installation in Piedmont Park during the summer of 2021 as part of the PCI Foundation Studio at the school.

Murmur is a temporary installation in Piedmont Park that activates space by collecting and projecting sound. Specific to the ellipse of the Magnolia Hall Lawn, two precast concrete structures are organized on its central axis. Each structure operates as a parabolic sound dish by collecting, focusing, and amplifying sound waves between corresponding focal points. Additionally, the structures serve as auditory performance bandshells dispersing sound to gathered people. The combination of hyper focused sound movement and broad dispersal develops a dynamic, dual experience that fosters a playful dialogue between people

Unique Program Aspects

· Students will design, build and construct full-size structures near campus.


Tristan Al-Haddad, MArch


Industry Partners and Guests

Gate Precast

Mo Wright

Tindall Corp.

Rob Smith

Georgia/Carolinas PCI

Peter Finsen

Ray Clark


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