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Foundation Donors Dig Deep During PCI Convention

PCI Foundation received many donations and pledge commitments during the 2014 PCI Convention. All told, about $450,000 in corporate pledges and donations and $75,000 in personal pledges and donations were made. Many of these commitments will come in over the next five years. 

“These pledges are a positive sign for the future of the PCI Foundation,” says Capital Campaign chairman Bill Simmons. “We hope to use them to continue to build our capital to ensure we will have programs that reach out to tomorrow’s architects, engineers and construction managers. 

“Of course, these donations are only a fraction of what it takes to operate state-of-the-industry programs at colleges and universities. One of the reasons for the success of our programs is that we make a substantial, multi-year commitment to help a program build over time. Our potential for new programs reaching even more schools is only limited by our resources.” 

Most of the pledges were made as general donations, but others are made in order to honor a particular person. For example, Barry Fleck president of A.L. Patterson made a donation to honor Chris Pastorious as he become chairman of PCI. “The donation to the PCI Foundation was to congratulate and thank Chris Pastorius on becoming the Chairman of PCI.  He is a lifelong friend and we wanted to recognize the significant commitment that not only he was making but his company and wife Tina for the benefit of our industry and Institute,” says Fleck. 

Many pledges were made to span multiple years, which will help the PCI Foundation Trustees plan future programs and build in new educational areas, such as research. 

To make a donation to the PCI Foundation,call the office at (708) 386-3715. 

Corporate Donations and Pledges Received During 2014 PCI Convention


$50,000 Plus to $99,999

Hamilton Form

Sumiden Wire Products Corp.


$25,000 Plus to $49,999

Plant Architects

Gage Brothers Concrete Products Prestress Supply Inc.

Contributor All Other Donations

A.L. Patterson, Inc.

Consulting Engineers Group, The

Kerkstra Precast, Inc.

Mid State Precast L. P.

Pankow Foundation

Precast Services

Personal Donations Received During 2014 PCI Convention

Silver $10,000 - $24,999

Gwin, Dean and Rhonda

Hartup, Bruce

Kelley, Tom

Kusznir, Bo

Bronze $5,000 - $9,999

Jenny, Daniel P

Pastorius, Christopher J.

Seroky, Mr. J.

Copper $1000 - $4999

Jablonsky, Dave and Jill 

Knowles, Ed Sutton, Doug and Ellie

Magnesio, Chuck and Sandy

Grant, Leon Simmons , William F and Nancy

Knowles, Ed

Contributor All Other Contributions

Adams, Todd

Baty, Mike

Hawkins, Dr. Neil M.

Henderson, Bill

Meinheit, Donald E.

Mooradian, Doug

Nesset, Brad

Pedron, Mark

Sirko, Jim

Underwood, Glen

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