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CU Denver to Continue Precast Program

PCI Foundation recently extended University of Colorado at Denver's curriculum development grant for another three years thanks to the hard work of Matt Shea and his industry partners.

"Over the next four years I would like to have the PCI Studio at CU Denver focus on the interface between architecture (the building) and the infrastructure of automobility (parking structure)—an area of interest that emerged out of the past three PCI Studios that I have taught. This relationship, between architecture and the car has always had an intense relationship and is wrought with technical complications and ideological approaches. I believe that the interface between these two conditions needs further exploration and is highly applicable to the precast construction system, particularly as automobility sits on the verge of massive change with the advent of autonomous vehicles. The investigations into this interface undertaken in these studios will largely focus on the design of the tectonics and appearance of the precast structural system and the architectural façade as elements that support, enclose and separate these two disparate programs," says Matt Shea, who heads up the program.

Student support for the program was a key factor in continuing PCI Foundation support. One student wrote, "I highly valued my time learning from Matthew Shea and view the PCI studio as a truly incredible asset to the University. I was encouraged to pose questions, research, be questioned, and actively explore as a participant which has led me to do the same in the profession." 

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