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Collaboration and Lab Time Highlight Precast Studio at NC State

Architecture and Engineering Students Are Allowed a Rare Opportunity to Work Together in a Studio that Mimics a Real World Collaboration


2023 was the first year of a new funding cycle that the North Carolina State University School of Architecture (SOA) and Department of Civil, Construction, & Environmental Engineering (CCEE) taught a collaborative design course focused on precast concrete. We taught ARC 503 Advanced Architecture Design and CE 675 Civil Engineering Projects. The courses connected students to local precast producers, allied organizations such as JVI, professionals, and members of PCI.

For the first weeks of the semester students studied a noted architectural project that makes

innovative use of precast concrete. Associated activities included a lecture by Ray Clark of Georgia/ Carolina PCI and a tour of Gate Precast in Oxford NC.

For the second project, students divided into two teams and designed and fabricated two large-scale, precast concrete cladding panels that were to turn a 90-degree corner in plan.

Over half of the academic semester was focused on Project 3—a crematorium and mausoleum for the City of Raleigh’s Mount Hope Cemetery.

Click on the document below to read the full report on the studio (use the square at the bottom left to get it to your full screen).


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