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Clemson University’s Michael Carlos Barrios Kleiss, PhD Is Recipient of Community Engagement Award

The PCI Foundation's Community Engagement Award for 2020 goes to Michael Carlos Barrios Kleiss, PhD, (photo) from Clemson University’s School of Architecture.

According to Chris Pastorius, Chairman of the PCI Foundation board of trustees, “Carlos’ commitment to architecture education goes beyond the classroom. He has engaged major architectural firms, local precast producers as well as the US State Department in his quest to expand the possibilities for his students. Annually he takes a group of students to Washington D.C. to study the architecture of embassies and their inclusion of precast concrete.”

The basis for choosing a recipient of this honor includes:

• Enhance opportunities for students and staff to participate in community-based learning, service and/or research activities

• Demonstrate sustained scholarship, research, and significant capacity building

• Demonstrate a significant impact with a tangible benefit to the community

• Involve a community partnership

• Focus on a specific community-identified need or opportunity

• Foster an exchange of knowledge and expertise among partners

• Contribute to the enhancement of the PCI Foundation’s reputation as actively and meaningfully engaged with its community and region

• Demonstrate the ability to influence public policy and practice nationally and/or internationally in relation to community engagement

• Extend the PCI Foundation Mission

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