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Clark Pacific’s Bradley Williams Selected as Partner of the Year

“The Board of Trustees for the PCI Foundation has chosen Brad Williams (photo), Director of Manufacturing-Facades at Clark Pacific, based in Fontana, CA as Partner of the Year. Brad’s dedication to working with the University of Southern California (USC) on its ambitious project at Joshua Tree National Park, will make a difference in our program, to the Precast Design Studio at USC and students for years to come,” said board Chairman Chris Pastorius.

The basis for choosing a recipient of this honor includes:

• Alignment with PCI Foundation’s goals

• Personal contributions and impact to the program

• Level of interaction with the school and its students

• Level of collaboration with the school and professor

• Enhancing the student’s learning experience through personal dedication

Williams was nominated by multiple industry professionals, including Professor Doug Noble from USC who had this to say about Brad’s commitment to teaching university students about precast concrete:

“Brad and his team at Clark Pacific agreed to work with USC on an ambitious project in Joshua Tree National Park. We selected a small project to design and build a prototype restroom building. Then we made it complex. We selected UHPC for the material. We crafted a design that required complex computer modeling and CNC foam milling. At every stage, we elected to push the frontiers and try things that we were not confident we could do. In many cases, no one on the team had significant experience with tasks they were trying to accomplish.

As a result of this partnership, we have taken over a section of the Clark Pacific yard in Fontana (photo).

Brad has assisted at every step and has brought us many of the Clark Pacific leadership people to help. Even when we thought we were in over our heads; Brad was calm and helped us think about ways to accomplish the goal. This is an amazing partnership. Brad and the team at Clark Pacific highly deserve recognition through the PCI Foundation Partnership award.”

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