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Case Studies, Poster Sessions Show Off Student Work

What happens after a student works hard on a project in a PCI Foundation program? In most cases, the creative work the student has spend time and effort on does not end when the semester ends. In the case of our programs, we offer students more opportunities to showcase their work.

On the PCI Foundation website, we have a number of case studies of projects students have created in various programs. Everything from a park ranger station at Joshua Tree National Park in California to a small passageway in Huron, South Dakota. By sharing these projects we hope to inspire other students working in our programs and also give credit to the students who have done the work. To see the case studies currently on the webiste, visit our case study page

In addition to sharing case studies on our website, some students are invited to the PCI National Convention to take part in a poster session. They will meet students from all over the US and have an opportunity to tell attendees about their project and work in the studio.

These programs are part of what makes the PCI Foundation programs stand out for students who participate in them.

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