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Capstone in Digital Technologies: Investigations in Precast Concrete

The latest university to join the PCI Foundation program is the University of Michigan which will begin offering a precast concrete program during the winter 2016 semester. The school will work with Kerkstra Precast and International Precast Solutions. 

This capstone studio is the culmination of the 2.5 semester Masters of Science in Digital Technologies degree and proposes an intensive team-based research project under the direction of the capstone faculty. The project is intended relate to the research of the faculty as a means to investigate innovative aspects for the application of digital technologies. This work will be executed collaboratively in a format defined by the scope and demands of the project. With a specific focus on precast technologies the course will have three main components: studio work including research and field trips, guest lectures and critiques, from precasters and guest designers, and publication of the students work in academic papers, industry conferences, and a final report.

The program will focus on several themes to teach precast concrete design, manufacturing and construction techniques: