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California State University, Sacramento Student Ryan Moyles Wins $500 prize from PCI Foundation

Ryan Moyles a senior at California State University, Sacramento has won a $500 prize in an annual drawing of students who take part in the PCI student survey about student experiences in PCI Foundation sponsored programs.

Moyles is a member of the PCI Student Chapter, attended the PCI Convention in 2020 and was a participant in the PCI Foundation studio, under Dr. Eric Matsumoto, Department of Civil Engineering.


“How was my experience in a Precast Studio?

Dr. Matsumoto’s enthusiasm for precast concrete design is infectious. He was so engaging that I changed my academic focus from water resources to engineering.

When I graduate later this year, I will more likely seek to work with a firm that designs or builds using precast because of this course and my PCI experiences.” ______________________________________________

Moyles (pictured) attended high school in Wallace, California says he will spend his prize money on a new bike that will let him go “farther and faster” and that he rode a bike to “every class I’ve ever taken at Sac State”.

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