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Alan Mattock Scholarship Announced

The PCI Foundation is pleased to announce that a scholarship has been established in the memory of Dr. Alan Mattock for the many contributions he made to the industry over his long career. In addition to his extensive research, he influenced generations of young engineers and was named the PCI Distinguished Educator in 1999. 

The Alan Mattock Graduate Scholarship will be tied to the Daniel P. Jenny Fellowship program conducted by the PCI Research and Development Council. The first scholarship will be awarded in spring of 2016. The value of the scholarship will be $4,000 and is intended to enhance a fellowship award. 

The PCI Foundation will accept contributions for funding this scholarship. Donations should be sent to the PCI Foundation, with specific instructions to go to the Alan Mattock Graduate Scholarship fund, at 200 West Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois 60606. 

We look forward to extending Dr. Mattock's influence on young engineers for another generation.

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Unknown member
Oct 19, 2021

Grreat share

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