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A New Higher Education Quad at March PCI Convention

As the Foundation increases the number of educators and students learning about precast concrete, so goes the number of students and professors at the annual convention.

The PCI Foundation expects to attract the best-of-the-best next generation students in engineering, construction, and architecture to the new Higher Ed Quad poster session area near the main registration desk, just outside of room 104 at the 2020 PCI Convention at the Precast Show in Fort Worth, Tex. Participants will meet soon-to-graduate students who will be showing off their innovative precast concrete projects.

The Higher Ed Quad will feature a seating area with students ready to talk about precast concrete. It will be open during show hours on Thursday and Friday.

#LearnPrecast will be trending this year, especially at the PCI Convention in March – take the time to meet some of these students and take a picture with them using the hashtag #LearnPrecast along with your company's social media tags.

Students will be participating in a scavenger hunt during the show, so they may just find you too!

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