2018 - 2019 School Programs Announced

Arizona State University

Architecture Philip Horton, Lead Professor Partner: T-Pack

Clemson University

Architecture & Engineering Carlos Barrios, Lead Professor Partner: G/C PCI

Colorado State University

Engineering & Construction Management Mohammed Hashem Mehany, Lead Professor Partner:  Rocky Mountain Prestress, PCI Mountain States

North Carolina State

Architecture & Engineering Dana Gulling & Greg Lucier, Lead Professors Partner: G/C PCI

Sacramento State

Engineering/Bridge Eric Matsumoto, Lead Professor Partner: PCI West

Tulane University

Architecture  Charles Jones & Kentaro Tsubaki, Lead Professors Partner: Gulf South

University of Arizona

Architecture & Engineering Robert Fleischman, Lead Professor Partner: Coreslab

University of Coloardo Denver

Architecture Matt Shea, Lead Professor Partners: Encon United, PCI Mountain States

University of Minnesota Duluth

Construction Management, Engineering Ben Dymond, Lead Professor Partner: Molin Concrete

University of Michigan

Architecture/Digital Fabrication Glenn Wilcox Partners: Kerkstra Precast, The Prestressed Group

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Architecture Gil Snyder Lead Professor Partner: Spancrete

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