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2016 Barbecue Competition Brings Big Results

A total of 1585 people celebrated the PCI Foundation National BBQ competition during September 2016 and early October. In only it’s second year, the program raised $63,155.90 - beating the goal of raising $50,000 in one year. Plants who take part in the program register their party and then send in the results to the PCI Foundation. This year, the largest donation made on behalf of a barbecue was from the Gate Precast plant in Winchester, Kentucky. Steve Schweitzer, VP of Operations at the Plant, oversaw the event. "This was our second year participating in the PCI Foundation BBQ and everyone at Gate Precast in Winchester, KY has really enjoyed it. Not only do employees attend but so do family members, vendors, subcontractors and other local precasters so it is apparent this impacts on a more global stage than just our plant. Other than the delicious pig we roast, the employees enjoy what now is our annual bow shooting competition to give one of our hunters bragging rights for the year. We have embraced and enjoy this partnership in raising funds and awareness for the PCI Foundation and industry."

Money for the PCI Foundation is raised in a number of ways at the different events, depending on how the company would like to run it. Some companies solicit sponsors for the event who send checks to the PCI Foundation in honor the the plant. Others do fun fundraisers with employees, giving them a chance to dunk a General Manager in a dunk tank, buy raffle tickets for an extra  day or week off work. Some sell plates for $5 each, and others have competitions that the employees can join. 

Dean Gwin, Gate president and COO, said the PCI Foundation plays a critical role in the future of the precast industry, and the BBQ events serve as a vehicle for raising money and awareness. Gwin, a member of the PCI Foundation Board of Trustees, is a driving force in the effort to educate architecture and engineering students about precast concrete construction.

“If we want to get serious about increasing the number of times precast is chosen for a project, then we have to educate our future industry leaders while they are in college,” he said. “If we don't do it, then others will.” 

In addition to naming the Gate Precast Winchester as the overall the following plants received notice: 

Most Unique Menu Item

Smoked Alligator Gate Precast - Hillsboro

Family and Friends Award:  Gate Precast Monroeville

Most Meat Grilled:  Gate Precast Monroeville

Student Attendees Award:  Wells Concrete

The following plants took part in the competition: 

  • Gate Precast, Ashland City, TN

  • Gate Precast, Hillsboro, TX

  • Gate Precast Pearland, TX

  • Gate Precast, Jacksonville, FL

  • Gate Precast, Kissimmee, FL

  • Gate Precast, Monroeville, AL

  • Gate Precast Winchester,KY

  • Kerkstra Precast, Grandville, MI

  • Wells Concrete, Albany, MN

  • Wells Concrete, Grand Forks, ND

  • Wells Concrete, Rosemont, MN

  • Wells Concrete, Wells, MN

The Gate Precast plant in Monroeville, Alabama invited several special guests to the barbecue, including retiring PCI Director, Architectural Services, Industrial Operations and Safety, Sid Freedman who celebrated his birthday at the plant. 

The third barbecue competition will take place in September 2017. All precast concrete plants are invited to compete for bragging rights and a high-quality grill valued at $2500. For more information, contact the PCI Foundation at

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