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January 11, 2021 at 6:47:44 PM

Congratulations to Ray Clark

Ray Clark Becomes Executive Director of PCI Georgia/Carolinas

Ray Clark has accepted the position as Executive Director of PCI Georgia/Carolinas, effective the first of the year. Ray, who sits on the Foundation Board of Trustees was formerly the President of US Formliner. “I’m ecstatic to begin a new adventure at Georgia/Carolinas PCI. I am looking most forward to interacting with the members and working diligently every day to deliver value to all members. Ultimately, my goal is to increase the awareness and use of precast concrete products in our region. Peter Finsen has made an indelible and impressive impact on Georgia/Carolinas PCI throughout his twenty years of service to the Chapter. I’ll do my absolute best to carry forward his honorable mission.” To reach Ray, here is his new email address:

Colorado State University
pci foundation
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