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Case Studies

Uptown Century Garden

University of North Carolina Charlotte



Alyssa Nelson, Emily Dallmeyer, Josh Gerloff, Julie Jernigan,


Client Program

The target market for this project is the active individual who values a healthy lifestyle. The design incorporates large outdoor spaces such as balconies and green space, as well as ample storage for items, such as bicycles, that the target market might need. Keeping with the theme of a healthy lifestyle, natural ventilation is a key part of the design. The units on the residential floors are pulled apart from one another, allowing fresh air to pass through each unit and into the building volume. Each individual unit has been specifically designed to maximize access to natural ventilation, and each separation space has been uniquely designed to capture fresh air. The building, providing an optional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) service for residents. Each unit has access to pick up their CSA box on the either the sixth or eleventh floors.

Why i chose precast for the project

A video showing how the precast concrete structure works is available here and details on the walk are on this video.





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