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Case Studies

Digital Arts Museum



Stephen Choi, Architecture


Client Program

The project asked for the design of a museum that would display digital art in the neighborhood of Lavapies in Madrid, Spain. In addition to a space that displays artwork, it asked that the museum give something to the city and its immediate community. The project envisions the site surrounding the museum becoming an urban cultural center (an area made up of attractions with lights, displays, shops, and galleries) that would draw crowds of people to be able to experience art and culture. The existing site includes a theater adjacent to the museum, as well as an open plaza that would act as a central point where people could meet and gather. Across from the plaza is a metro stop that would contribute to population of the area. The museum itself would act as a catalyst for this urban center for art, culture, and social interaction. One of the museum’s main features is its façade. LED light strips run across the façade, allowing for the display of art, video, news, or notifications with scrolling text. A restaurant on the second floor overlooks the lobby and opens up to a balcony that looks down onto the street, and out onto the plaza. A theater tops the museum, where lectures, concerts, or movies can be held. The theater opens up to an outdoor terrace where events could be held, such as dinners, parties, or fundraisers. Through these features, the project becomes more of a cultural and social center rather than just a museum. The building consists of five floors, including parking, a lobby, a café, galleries, administration offices, a theater, and an outdoor terrace. 

Why i chose precast for the project

The structure of the building was laid out and parts specified in Inventor. The façade is made up of light-weight Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete panels which are hung off of the steel frame. 





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