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Student Brand Ambassador Program

Starting in the fall of 2020, the PCI Foundation will be looking for one student from each university we support to be the PCI Foundation Brand Ambassador. The Brand Ambassador position helps to facilitate the online presence of the PCI Foundation by documenting the work of the students and professors in the precast program at the school. Using social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, the Ambassador serves as an online representative of the PCI Foundation and its services, programs, and events.


A successful candidate, will be involved in increasing awareness of the work of the PCI Foundation by promoting plant tours, student projects, guest speakers, important lectures, jobsite tours, student travel to the PCI Convention and other activities of your local school program. You will work closely with our marketing team to achieve goals and objectives, such as communicating the value of our programs to potential donors, tracking student feedback, and representing PCI Foundation at your school.


To excel in this role, you will have excellent communication and networking skills, and a strong presence on social media. Previous experience as a brand ambassador or similar role is preferred, as well as knowledge of sales and marketing principles.


Brand Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Caring for the PCI Foundation Mascot, Petey the Platypus and including him in occasional posts.

  • Familiarizing yourself with the PCI Foundation’s mission, vision, and goals (videos on the PCI Foundation website will help with this)

  • Educating other students and educators, potential PCI Foundation donors, and potential employees about the PCI Foundation programs.

  • Representing the PCI Foundation on outside tours and during coursework regarding precast/prestressed concrete design.

  • Sharing personal stories from yourself and other students in the precast related program.

  • Brainstorming ideas to improve the quality of precast education and the work of the PCI Foundation.

  • Maintaining a positive image of the PCI Foundation at all times.

  • Sending photos to the PCI Foundation for use in other communications tools

  • Using appropriate hashtags (#learnprecast, #peteytheprecastplatypus, #howprecastbuilds plus your university and departmental hashtags)

  • Re-tweet or share PCI Foundation and PCI posts as appropriate

  • Monitor social media trends and appropriately apply that knowledge to increasing the use of social media.

  • Provide input and insight into how to drive the PCI Foundation’s messages deeper into social networking communities.

  • Leads by example on social media rules of engagement and representing the Foundation within social media networks

Brand Ambassador Requirements:

  • Taking part in a precast/prestressed concrete educational experience at an accredited university.

  • Prior experience in a customer service environment desired.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Friendly, approachable, and outgoing personality.

  • Working knowledge of social media platforms and tools.

  • Ability to exercise creativity and critical thinking

  • Skilled in LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or Facebook (we expect you to use 1 or 2 platforms where you are already engaged in social media, not necessary to post on all networks)

  • Attention to detail and high degree of accuracy

  • Must be a registered PCI Student Member (membership is free)


Compensation for this program is $25 a week, to be paid by check once a month the month following social media activity. A minimum of 3 posts per week on average is expected each month

Contract Period:  

From the first day of classes to the last day of classes in a given semester. If you are in a program for a full year, you may be rehired for another semester.


The Brand Ambassador is expected to complete very simple monthly reports on engagements completed.


Prior to the commencement of the term of the contract, each candidate must complete the following:

  • View mandatory training video

  • Completion and submission of all required paperwork


Guest Blogs

In addition to having social media ambassadors, the PCI Foundation invites students working in a precast class to write a guest blog about their precast concrete experience. Guest bloggers whose work is used on our website will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Guest blogs should be 75 – 500 words and include a photo. Please send your guest blog to

Some examples of prompts for these blogs include

  • What surprised me about precast concrete

  • Observations in the ‘real world’ now that I am learning about precast concrete

  • What I learned by attending the PCI Convention

  • How will I use my precast skills when I graduate?

  • My favorite part of the precast studio was …


If you are interested in applying for this position, please complete the PCI student membership form and send a short email to Outline your current social media presence and tell us why you are interested in the job.

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