Proposal Guidelines, Checklist and FAQ

Guidelines for Instructional Project Proposals

The PCI Foundation has provided grants for schools of architecture, engineering and construction management to create new precast concrete education programs in coordination with a local precast industry partner since 2001. Precast programs run the gamut from pure architectural design studios, to co-studios between architects and engineers, or can be run fully from the engineering side of the program. How the program develops depends on the players involved, curriculum requirements and community needs.

Download the "Getting Started" guide to learn more about our programs and see the proposal guidelines. Once you know you are interested, please contact Marty McIntyre to discuss submitting a preliminary proposal. Submitting this preliminary proposal will trigger having an advisory committee put in place that will help you through the application process and ensure that your proposal stays on track. 

At any time in the process, please feel free to call Ms. Marty McIntyre at (708) 386-3715 or email for assistance with completing a proposal. 


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Partners Guide
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Proposal Information
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Getting started guide
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