Precast in a Box

The PCI Foundation works with professors at many schools of architecture, engineering and construction management to ensure that precast concrete design and construction is included in the curriculum. We are working to put together a "precast in a box" kit, using PCI-materials, in order to have a resource that includes the most recent technology for precast concrete. In addition to the books, literature, and lectures that make up the kit, many professors have also expressed an interest in having samples of precast connections, materials, polyurethane forms, rebar, prestressing strand, insulating, thin brick and other materials used to create the product  in the classroom.  

We would like these materials to be sent directly from the manufacturer to the professor who is teaching precast in the classroom. If your company materials that you are willing to share in an educational setting, please send your name, email, and product type to the PCI Foundation. When a professor receives our literature "precast in a box" kit, we will forward his or her information to you. You may send your product directly to the professor with any information he or she may find useful. 

To receive names of professors teaching precast, please email us here (